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Seamless integration to unleash your car to it full potential..
Navigation, reverse cameras, radio conversions and much more!

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What Services Do We Provide?

Simply Put.. Everything

Professional Diagnostics

Plug and Play Upgrades

Reprogramming Services

Reverse Engineering


Our custom developed kits have been designed to provide professional diagnostics at a click of a button.

Sounds to good to be true?
Checkout out demonstration videos for more information!

Audio & Visual Upgrades

We specialize in integrated upgrades which flawlessly add new functionalities such as navigation, rear view camera, dvd player and much more!

Your one stop shop for automotive upgrades!

Reprogramming Services

Whether your upgrading instrument clusters, changing radios or performing an engine conversion, we have you covered!

We provide a variety of reprogramming solutions which can allow interfacing new/used modules, completely custom re-flashing or even activating new custom features!

Reverse Engineering

Our services are available for hire for any job, big or small!
This include custom reverse engineering, programming and PCB development to suit any application!

We specialize in providing unique integrated solutions to suitĀ import/export vehicles, one-off custom cars and various other conversion vehicles.

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