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ALDL Diagnostic Cable
Professional Diagnostics Made easy.

Our Professional Diagnostic kits are designed to allow anyone and everyone to perform indepth engine and transmision diagnostics on their Holden Commodores.

The diagnostic kit allows you to tap into your cars engine/transmission computer ( Also known as ECM) to read LIVE engine data and engine fault codes to help diagnose problems and issues!


Seamlessly integrate with your vehicles OBD port to view professional live information!

lightening fast

We use the latest high quality processor chips to ensure a stable connection is maintained

future proof

All of our software includes free updates for life!


An ALDL cable is an OBD1 diagnostic scantool suitable for diagnosing engine fault codes and live engine data found in VR-VY Holden Commodores!

The ‘language’ spoken is called ALDL (Assembly Line Diagnostic Link), it is a very unique protocol that General Motors implemented on our commodores.

If your interested in hearing some technical geek speak about ALDL, click here to read more..

Some of the features and abilities of our kits include:

  • Reading engine fault codes
  • Clearing fault codes and engine light warnings (CEL)!
  • Reading live engine data
  • Easy to use one click connecting software!
  • And much more!

Our kits allow you to take full advantage of this communication line, providing professional diagnostic abilities at a fraction of the cost of factory scantools.

Want to see a Demo?

Live demonstration of Advanced Engine Diagnostics (AED) on a Holden VS V6 engine computer (ECU) displaying various features including reading engine and transmission fault codes and live engine data.

What can be diagnosed in my car?

“Diagnostics Made Easy..”

In conjunction with our ALDL cable, our Advanced Engine Diagnostics (AED) application lets you have professional diagnostic capabilities at a fraction of the cost of overpriced factory tools!

AED is designed to be extremely easy to use. It seamlessly interacts with your cars engine computer (ECM) to read diagnostic fault codes and live engine/transmission information on a modern instrument dash display.

What you see in AED, is exactly the same live engine/transmission information you would find in OEM tools, except made to be affordable and accessible to everyone!

Sometimes viewing live data is not always enough, or too much information to view at once, which is why AED is capable of saving and replaying live logging sessions. This advanced replaying ability lets you review your cars health and performance in your own time, and keep records of sensor outputs to compare with future issues and logs.

Which Vehicles are Supported?

The supported Holden Commodore vehicles for reading engine and transmission data with an ALDL cable include:

  • VR V6/V8
  • VS V6/V8
  • VT V6
  • VT 5L V8
  • VU V6
  • VX V6
  • VY V6
  • SuperCharged V6

Note: Not suitable for LS1 V8 Vehicles, or VE/VFs, see our OBD2 ELM kit here!


Our clients say

"Jason from Envyous Customs was happy to answer my questions about what kit and software I needed for my VY Commodore. It found a MAF fault straight away and confirmed a bad oxygen sensor"
"Instantly saved me a trip to the dealership for a dirty throttle position sensor! Thanks Jase!"
"I always thought using diagnostic tools would be difficult, but this has been made to be very simple. Works great on my Sons V6 VT and my VR V8"
"After using AED to see live engine data, I also purchased the airbag software SDT to read an airbag fault that keeps going off. Fault pointed to a clock spring, cleared straight away after replacing, awesome gear!"



Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 cm
Software Options

Advanced Engine Diagnostics(AED), SRS Diagnostic Tool(SDT), Body Diagnostics 30 days(BD 30days), AED + SDT, AED + BD 30days

ALDL Cable

The ALDL Kit includes:

  • Brand new ALDL Cable
  • Choice of one of our softwares (Default is Advanced Engine Diagnostics)
  • Printed quick startup guide and installation USB
  • Most of all, professional customer service to help out with any questions!
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What is SRS Diagnostic Tool and Body Diagnostics?

SRS Diagnostic Tool(SDT) allows performing detailed airbag diagnostics, this includes reading and clearing airbag faults, system information and a deep analysis which provides resistance and capacitance.

You can checkout all of its details on its dedicated product page by clicking here.

Want to see a demo? Sure!

Body Diagnostics (BD) allows performing diagnostics various body related modules including: Instrument cluster, SRS airbags, Body Control Module and factory radio.

You can checkout all of its details on its dedicated product page by clicking here.
*NOTE: BD is time subscription based.

What Can it do? Checkout the demo below!

Frequently asked questions

Great Question! 99% of people ask us this because it can be a  bit confusing with all the information online.

The following vehicles listed below use ALDL for Engine and Transmission Diagnostics:

  • ​​​​​​​VR V6/V8
  • VS V6/V8
  • VT V6 and 5.0L V8
  • VX V6
  • VU V6
  • VY V6
  • VT/VX/VY V6 Super Charged


The following vehicles ARE NOT suitable for engine/transmission diagnostics (see our OBD2 ELM327 kit!):

  • VT LS1 V8
  • VX LS1 V8
  • VY LS1 V8
  • ALL VZ’s *See note 1
  • ALL VE’s
  • ALL VF’s

*Note1: VZ’s use an ALDL cable for airbag diagnostics only.

We have made installation as simple as possible. There is two main steps:
1) Install the ALDL Cable driver
2) Install your chosen software.

Both the driver and software are available by a download link after purchase, and can also be optioned to have a physical copy included (CD or USB).

Postage is calculated at checkout. Within Australia, regular postage is typically $9 and express (1-3business days) is $12.

This kit has an option of selecting between:

  • Advanced Engine Diagnostics (AED)
  • SRS Diagnostic Tool (SDT)
  • Body Diagnostics (BD)

Please make sure to checkout our the product pages for those softwares to ensure they are suitable for your needs!

So technically a Holden VZ or VT/VX/VY LS1 V8 vehicles have two different diagnostic protocols, think of these like different languages, these are:
1) OBD2 CANBus/VPW which is used for Engine and Transmission Diagnostics (See our ELM327 OBD2 Kit!)

2) ALDL which is used for all other systems including airbags, Body Control Module, instrument cluster ect.

If you wanted to view airbag data on a VT/VX/VY or VZ, you would need to use our ALDL cable and our software “SRS Diagnostic Tool”(SDT).
Whereas if you wanted to view live engine data in a VZ or LS1 V8 vehicle, you would need to use our OBD2 ELM cable with our application “Software on ELM Street”(SOE).

Computer and Licensing Requirements

All of our software is only suitable for genuine activated licensed Windows, the supported windows versions include:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7 and 8
  • Windows 10

Software license serials can only be used once to register the software to one computer.
For more details on Licensing and computer requirements, please see our licensing page found here and computer requirements page found here

Please see below for the ALDL cable installation video

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