Software Licensing

Utilizing unofficial, non genuine, cracked or non-activated windows versions is not supported, this can result in unexpected startup errors or licensing problems. All software developed by Envyous Customs is not supported in an virtual or emulated environment/machines.

Software Licencing:

  • Our software licensing is ‘per computer’, where each computer requires its own serial to register the software.

  • License serials can only be used once to register the software to one computer. This license is permanently removed from our server and thus cannot be used again.

  • Licenses cannot be exchanged or transferred between laptops, once a computer has been licensed it cannot be removed and is permanently installed on that computer.

  • Envyous Customs HIGHLY encourages all purchasers to perform a full image back of your computer using windows free backup tools after installing and registering any Envyous Customs software to ensure you do not lose the license in the event of a computer crash/wipe. No additional licenses are to be provided under any circumstance as a backup should be available as per the above requirements. Negligence to follow this requirement is at the end users own risk.

  • ALL licenses can be revoked and terminated without refund and without any prior acknowledgement if it is found that the end users usage of the application does not comply to our terms an conditions.

  • ALL of our software require internet access for registration, there is no offline activation available.

  • Subscription based applications will require internet access on random occasions to update licensing details, failure to comply will result in application termination until internet access is provided.

  • Subscription based applications will automatically alert Envyous Customs of any attempts to tamper with subscription and/or any part of the application, this will result in immediately license termination without refund.