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Software on ELM street (SOE) is an advanced diagnostic software that can diagnose engine fault codes, view live engine data and view live transmission data!
All you need for SOE is one of our ELM327 Cables to start diagnosing like a professional!

Want to see a demo? Sure!
Checkout the video below!

Live demonstration of Software on ELM Street (SOE) in our VE SS

What can be Diagnosed in my Car?

“Everything a Professional Mechanic Needs!”

In conjunction with our professional ELM327 cable, our Software on ELM street application lets you have full control over your vehicles health!

SOE has all the main functions found in expensive scantools, with full capabilities of obtaining current and history trouble codes as well as live readings from both engine and transmission modules!

What makes SOE different, is that it is DEDICATED to Holden Commodores. There is no other software ON THE WEB that that can read Holden specific fault codes and Holden specific engine and transmission data!

Our ELM327 kit includes SOE!

Grab one of our ELM327 kits to receive a license for SOE.
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Which Vehicles are Supported?

The supported Holden Commodore vehicles for reading engine and transmission data is:

  • All LS1 5.7L V8’s (VT,VX,VU,VY,VZ)
  • All VZ’s
  • All VE’s
  • All VF’s

Pricing and Options

Software on ELM Street


or 4 fortnightly payments of $12.50 with  Afterpay More info

SOE is and advanced diagnostic software for Holden commodores to read engine fault codes and live engine data on VT VX VY VZ VE and VF OBD2 Holden commodores.

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Computer and Licensing Requirements

All of our software is only suitable for genuine activated licensed Windows, the supported windows versions include:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7 and 8
Windows 10

Software license serials can only be used once to register the software to one computer.
For more details on Licensing please click here.
For more details on computer requirements please click here.


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Have your own ELM327?

Test it out using our trial version of SOE from our downloads page

*Note: Not all ELMs are suitable or supported!
Cheap knocks look identical but the internals are different and use old unsupported firmware.