Advanced Engine Diagnostics

Diagnostics Made (Seriously!) Easy

Make Engine Lights a thing of the past…

Advanced Engine Diagnostics (AED) is designed to provide easy to use professional diagnostics for engine and transmissions in Holden Commodores utilizing ALDL communication.

AED’s easy navigation, versatile graphical displays and powerful logging systems provides everyone with technician grade diagnostic capabilities in VR through to VY Holden Commdores

All you need for AED is one of our ALDL Cables to start diagnosing like a professional!

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Live demonstration of Advanced Engine Diagnostics

What can be Diagnosed in my Car?

“Diagnostics Made Easy..”

In conjunction with our ALDL cable, our Advanced Engine Diagnostics (AED) application lets you have professional diagnostic capabilities at a fraction of the cost of overpriced factory tools!

AED is designed to be extremely easy to use. It seamlessly interacts with your cars engine computer (ECM) to read diagnostic fault codes and live engine/transmission information on a modern instrument dash display.

What you see in AED, is exactly the same live engine/transmission information you would find in OEM tools, except made to be affordable and accessible to everyone!

Sometimes viewing live data is not always enough, or too much information to view at once, which is why AED is capable of saving and replaying live logging sessions. This advanced replaying ability lets you review your cars health and performance in your own time, and keep records of sensor outputs to compare with future issues and logs.

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Which Vehicles are Supported?

The supported Holden Commodore vehicles for reading engine and transmission data with an ALDL cable include:

  • VR V6/V8
  • VS V6/V8
  • VT V6
  • VT 5L V8
  • VU V6
  • VX V6
  • VY V6
  • L67 SuperCharged V6

Note: Not suitable for LS1 V8s, See our ELM kit here.

Pricing and Options

Advanced Engine Diagnostics


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AED is a modern, easy to use engine diagnostic software capable of reading current and history fault codes. Its ability to monitor,save and replay live engine data on a variety of customizable displays provides the greatest diagnostic experience.

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Computer and Licensing Requirements

All of our software is only suitable for genuine activated licensed Windows, the supported windows versions include:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7 and 8
Windows 10

Software license serials can only be used once to register the software to one computer.
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