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Holden VZ V6 E55 GM ECU Programmed Replacement


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This listing is for an outright purchase for a VZ V6 E55 ECU (Engine Control Unit).

This ECU (also known as ECM or PCM) is used in all VZ V6 Holden commodores which includes the 3.6 L Alloytec 175 (LE0) and 3.6 L Alloytec 190 (LY7) V6,  which is suitable as a replacement for defective units.

The VZ V6 ECU includes programming to the required operating system (OS) and calibrations to suit the supplied VIN.

This purchase also includes security linking the ECU to your vehicle although this will having the vehicles current Body Control Module (BCM), Powertrain Interface Module (PIM) and Keys sent into us. You can option to have this done at your local Holden Dealership or workshop but they MUST have access to immobilizer codes otherwise they will not be able to complete the security linking.

We have two options available for this listing::
1) Professional remanufactured VZ V6 E55 ECU including reprogramming to suit your cars calibration (12months warranty)
2) Brand New VZ V6 E55 ECU including reprogramming to suit your cars calibration (12months warranty)

Please note that the service number/part number may differ from your original ECU as we try to use the newest/latest available ECUs for our new or refurbished stock.
Our professional remanufactured ECUs may have a custom displayed part number/service number but will be suitable for your vehicle and will be programmed to suit the supplied VIN.

Please email us if you have any questions.

This is the VIN that will be programmed to the unit. The Operating system and calibrations for the ECU will also be based off the supplied VIN unless otherwise specified.

This option is indicating how you are getting the replacement engine computer security linked to your vehicle.


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This listing is for a Holden VZ V6 ECU (E55) which includes programming to suit your vehicles Operating System (OS) and calibration.
We do not require a deposit or core ECU back, this is an outright purchase for a replacement ECU.


Common Problems

Some of the common faults that can occur due to a failed ECU include:

  • No Start Condition
  • Wont crank, bridge starter relay and engine cranks
  • Missing on one or more cylinders
  • Service Vehicle Soon (SVS) error on the instrument
  • Service Error, Contact Retailer on the instrument cluster
  • Very low Fuel error even when a full tank is present
  • Loss of communication to engine computer when using a scantool
  • Fault code P0201,P0202,P0203,P0204,P0205,P0206 Injector circuit malfunction


Supported Vehicles

Our replacement ECUs are suitable for all VZ V6 Holden commodores which includes:

  • Holden Commodore VZ 3.6L (2004-2007)
  • Holden Calais VZ 3.6L (2004-2006)
  • Holden Adventura VZ 3.6L (2005-2006)
  • Holden One Tonner VZ 3.6L (2005-2006)


Important Information

The replacement ECU must be security linked to the vehicle before the car will be able to start. This security linking procedure is the process of programming the cars unique 4 digit immobilizer code (immo code) and key information into the engine computer so that it is allows to start the car. Without this security linking, the vehicle will not be allowed to start.


We can perform this security procedure for free if the vehicles original Body Control Module (BCM), Powertrain Interface Module (PIM) and ignition key is supplied to us. We do not need you to supply the cars immobilzer code as we can obtain this ourself and will security link the replacement ECU to your vehicle parts.


Alternatively we can supply a guide that explains how to perform the security linking which a local dealership or workshop can follow. The guide supplied demonstrates how to use a GM Tech2 but the same steps will apply to other suitable scantools. This options requires a workshop to know the 4 digit immobilizer code for your car to be able to security link it, this can be obtained by calling your local Holden Dealership and providing proof of ownership.


Finally, a throttle body relearn may be required after fitting and security linking the ECU to the vehicle. This can only be performed once fitted to the car.

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