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Holden VF V6 to V8 Engine Conversion Programming


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This programming service is to reconfigure your vehicles modules to complete a V6 to V8 conversion in your factory Holden VF Commodore.

This services requires you to have fitted a V8 engine come a compatible year vehicle (Contact us to confirm!).

All of the original vehicles modules (ECUs) are retained, these are all programmed to match a factory V8 setup. We do not require any modules to be modified or swapped other then fitting the V8 engine computer along with the fuel pump control module.

Without reprogramming the vehicle, the car will not be able to start and will also throw multiple engine faults and other faults in the vehicle. We tailor program every single required module to be setup for a factory V8 configuration, this includes the engine computer and instrument cluster plus several others along with security linking the replacement engine computer to the car. The required modules will differ depending on the vehicle and setup.

The required modules need to be shipped into us to complete the programming conversions. The required modules are confirmed after purchasing the programming service. (Questions asking which modules will be ignored until after a service is purchased to prevent wasting our time and information!).

Shipping typically takes 1-3business days to us plus the same time back. We typically get all programming completed same or next day to get back into the post.

Workshop discounts are available after completing more then 2 programming conversions with us!

Please ensure to contact us first to ensure this programming service is going to be suitable for your conversion.


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