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Holden VF HSV Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI) Programming


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This product listing is for reprogramming a VF HSV Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI) to suit your vehicle.

This programming allows changing the model type, build number, transmission and various other options so that it is a plug an play upgrade into your Holden VF Commodore!

The programming needs to be performed at our location thus requires shipping the HSV EDI to us.

*Note: This is a programming service only, it does NOT include an EDI module. The EDI is a physical module that must be fitted to your vehicle, if it was not optioned in you vehicle from factory, then you will simple see EDI inactive when clicking the EDI button. If you have a BUILD SCREEN ONLY EDI , this cannot be programmed to a FULL EDI spec. You must replace the EDI for a FULL version which then needs to be programmed to your vehicle

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If wanting to replace the factory HSV Model (Maloo R8, Clubsport ect) with a custom text entry such as SSV Black or Envyous Customs in feature picture.


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