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Holden VE EBCM ABS Programming


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Holden VE Electronic Brake Control Modules (EBCM) are known to cause communication issues and ABS/ESP fault displays on the instrument cluster when they fail. This can commonly be confirmed by no-communication with the module using a suitable scantool.

This service is for programming a replacement second hand EBCM to match your cars VIN. VIN matching is required otherwise the EBCM will throw a fault indicating VIN-mismatch which will display on the instrument cluster as an ABS fault.

The EBCM needs to be sent to us for programming, it will be returned by express on same or next business day from date received.

We highly recommend getting a replacement EBCM from an identical vehicle (Engine/transmission/body type/suspension) as these details must be correct otherwise a fault will be set indicating vehicle/data mismatch which will display on the insturment cluster as an ABS fault.

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