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Holden VE Body Control Module (BCM) Programmed Replacement


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Holden VE Body Control Modules (BCM) are known to cause locking, lighting and even starting issues when they fail. This can commonly be confirmed by no-communication with the module using a suitable scantool or its inability to control various body controlled components.

Brand new BCMs through Holden costs over $1500+ plus installation and programming. We believe in affordable repairs which is why our preprogrammed BCMs allow you to fix the issue at a fraction of the price of a new BCM!

This product listing is for either:
1) Replacement second hand BCM including programming to suit your cars calibration.
2) Brand New BCM including programming to suit your cars calibrations. (Will be the newest part number to suit your vehicle and includes 1year warranty).

Please only select a part number which matches your original BCM, or any newer revision part number. Not all BCM’s are compatible with every Holden VE which is why the correct part numbers are extremely important.

Our programming configures the BCM to suit your vehicles requirements such as Operating System and Body Type, however it will require two further learn procedures when fitted to the car using a suitable scantool, these procedures are:
– SDM Primary Key Relearn
– Brake Pedal Position Relearn

The above two learning procedures are not included in our programming as we physically require the car to perform them. If the original BCM is sent in, we can copy this information across so the replacement BCM is completely plug and play,

This option is to inform whether you are shipping in your original BCM to us so we can copy the information from your BCM onto the replacement to make it plug and play. Or if you are going to get a local Mechanic/Auto electrician to perform the relearns meaning we do not need your original BCM shipped in. Note you cannot drive the vehicle around until these relearns are performed!


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