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Holden VE Accessory DOC Plug and Play Harness


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The Holden VE Dealer Option Connector (DOC) harness is perfect for providing a plug and play method to adding any accessory device such as dashcams, gauges or any other aftermarket component.

The DOC sits behind the glovebox, it can be reached without removing the glove box which makes this a very easy harness to install.

The DOC has three power wires which include
1) Constant Battery Power 12v+ (RED)
2) Accessory/Ignition 12v+ (Orange)
3) Ground (Black)

The harness implements easy to use space connections to ensure a strong and reliable connection is made. The kit includes male terminals to make it easy to crimp onto an aftermarket items wiring.

An optional extra is a 12v female socket which allows for a full plug and play solution for devices which connect using a 12v male connector. Most dashcams, usb phone chargers and gps systems use this connection.


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