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Holden LS1 GM ECU Programmed Replacement


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This listing is for an outright purchase for a LS1 P01 V8 ECU (Service number 12200411).

This ECU (also known as ECM or PCM) is used in VT,VX,VU and VY HSV and Holden commodores fitted with the LS1 5.7L V8 and is suitable as a replacement for defective units or in conversion vehicles.

The LS1 ECU comes unlocked and fitted with a stock operating system (OS) of your choice including configuration VIN, serial and other specific information.

This product listing is for either:
1) Replacement second hand LS1 ECU including programming to suit your cars calibration (6months warranty)
2) Professional remanufactured LS1 ECU including reprogramming to suit your cars calibration (12months warranty)

Please note that the service number is the number that must match to your original, part numbers may differ. Our professional remanufactured LS1 ECUs may have a custom displayed partnumber/service number but are suitable for all vehicles requiring  an LS1 ECU with service number 12200411.

We also have an unlocking service for locked ECUs available, bulk unlock discounts available.

Please email us if you have any questions.

This is the VIN that will be programmed to the unit. The Operating system and calibrations for the ECU will also be based off the supplied VIN unless otherwise specified.

This is the unique serial number of the ECU. This can be set to match a vehicles current ECU serial to be a spare, or set to ant 12 digit custom ID for example “ECFlash0001”


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