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Software on ELM Street

Software on ELM Street (SOE) is our dedicated OBD2 diagnostic software for Holden Commodores. Based from Holdens factory scantool, it can read Holden specific live engine/transmission data and fault codes.

SOE supports the following Holden Commodores:

  • All LS1 5.7L V8’s (VT,VX,VU,VY,VZ)
  • All VZ’s
  • All VE’s
  • All VF’s

Advanced Engine Diagnostics

Advanced Engine Diagnostics (AED) is an OBD1 application which communicates over the ALDL communication line. AED provides professional engine/transmission diagnostics for all of our older Holden commodores, allowing OEM diagnostic capabilities at a click of a button!

AED supports the following Holden Commodores:

  • VR V6/V8
  • VS V6/V8
  • VT V6/5.0L V8 *Not LS1 5.7L V8
  • VX/VU/VY V6
  • L67 Supercharged Commodores

SRS Diagnostic Tool

Airbag light be gone!
SRS Diagnostic Tool (SDT) is an easy to use airbag diagnostic application which allows performing detailed airbag diagnostics at a fraction of the cost of going to a dealership.

SDT supports the following Holden Commodores:

  • All VT/VX/VU’s
  • All VY/VZ’s
  • All WK/WL’s

Body Diagnostics

VT – VZ Body Diagnostics (BD) is one of our latest editions to our diagnostic collection. It allows performing diagnostics on airbags, Body control module, radio and instrument cluster!

Body Diagnostics supports the following Holden Commodores:

  • All VT/VX/VU’s
  • All VY/VZ’s
  • All WK/WL’s

Unlock My ECU!

This software has been discontinued.

Unlock My ECU (UME) is a unique application designed for Tuners to find the password (Key) to tuner locked ECUs.

UME finds the required key through using custom designed algorithms + common combinations, and through attempting each combination until it find the key which gives it a 100% success rate!

Supported ECUs include LS1’s ECU, E38, E40, E67, E76, T42, T43 and any other OBD2 compliant ECU.