Custom Development

(Bringing your Ideas to Life!)

Reverse Engineering

Design & Fabrication

Testing & Evaluation

What Can We Do?

Realistically, we are a one stop shop for custom projects.

From reverse engineering through to producing a custom embedded electronic product, we do it all.

Just some of our services include:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Software development
  • Hardware development
  • PCB designing, programming and fabrication
  • 3D designing and printing
  • 3D scanning (Coming soon)

Where to Start?

The key to any successful project is good communication.

From once off conversions through to the large import/fleet vehicles, no job is too big or too small!

If you have an idea, issue or project that needs additional help, then send us a message explaining what your looking to do!
The more details the better, this will help us identify the problem and if what your looking to do is within our capabilities.

Reverse Engineering

The initial reverse engineering is always the most important part of the entire process as it confirms if the required outcome is possible.

This is where our expertise comes into play as we use our own custom tools, software and techniques to allow reprogram, monitoring, injecting or simulating various parts of a car or module.

Once we have a strong understanding of the vehicle or module and the problem at hand, we are then able to start performing initial testing, which can involve custom programming or injecting custom communication into the car to get the desired result.

The above is a generic overview, since every custom job has its own specific challenges and issues to solve.


Design and Fabrication

Once the initial reverse engineering is completed, we then move onto tailoring designing a product specifically suited to your projects requirements.

This stage can be wiring, hardware or software related (Or all!), thus the development does vary depending on complexity.

In all circumstances, we put in the same high quality precision,attention and workman ship into all of our designs and manufacturing

Testing and Evaluation

Once the final product/prototype has been produced (Software or hardware!), we go through a thorough testing and evaluation process to ensure the end product meets your requirements.

All products are tested on custom developed rigs specifically designed for the final product so that all included features and abilities are in working condition.

The prototype then needs to be used by the end user, to ensure they are happy with the end result and have no further requests or desired adjustments.