Holden VF Mylink Apple Carplay and Android Auto Interface
Plug and Play Integration

Our Apple carplay and Android Auto kit brings the best of modern technology through smart phone integration to allow into a simple plug an play kit.

Just some of the modern apps include navigation, spotify, onscreen texts and calls and much more.


Makes smartphone integration plug and play, like it should be.


Full integration with the factory mylink screen to maintain easy to use touchscreen functionality.


Play all your favourite music using apps such as spotify and other compatible applications.

Audio by bluetooth

Audio streams through bluetooth so you don't have to worry about headphone jacks or complicated setups. (Apple Carplay Only)

Plug and play

We believe in easy upgrades. That means no soldering, no messy wiring diagrams, just plug it in and away you go!

Future proof

Keep up to date with the world as new applications are supported by apple car play and android auto to display and work on screen


Modern navigation maps including Google Maps, Waze and Sygic.

Plug and Play

100% Plug and Play with our wiring harnesses. No soldering. No wiring hackery. Just plug it in and away you go.

Apple support

Supports modern Apple smarphones including iPhone X, 8, 7, 6 and 5

android support

Supports modern Android smartphones including S9, Huawei Mate Pro20

Want to see a Demo?

Demonstration was performed on a Holden VF Mylink. This kit suits all Holden VF and Chrevrolet SS Mylinks.

Just some of the features shown include:

  • Navigation
  • High Definition Quality
  • Full touchscreen integration
  • Music Streaming
  • Messages and Phone calls on 
  • Watch our video on youtube

What makes ours different to competitors?

Envyous Customs Kit

100% Plug and Play
$ 999 Including Shipping
  • Plug and Play!
  • Much Cheaper
  • Plug and Play
  • Free Shipping
Easy to use


Wiring and Soldering Required
$ 1250 Or more!
  • Requires Soldering
  • Hundreds $$ More!
  • Not Plug and Play
  • Shipping Extra


Holden VF Mylink Apple Carplay and Android Auto Interface


or 4 fortnightly payments of $249.75 with  Afterpay More info

This interface adds Apple Carplay and Android Auto onto any Holden VF Mylink and Chevrolet SS Mylink.

Our signature plug and play kits make installation easy, requiring no soldering or rewiring, just plug in and away you go.

Kit suits:

  • Holden VF Mylink Series 1 and Series 2
  • Chevrolet SS Mylink Series 1 and Series 2

Audio runs through the factory Mylink Bluetooth audio interface for Apple Carplay users for all series VF and SS vehicles.
Audio runs through the factory Mylink Aux audio connection for AndroidAuto users for Series 1 VF and SS vehicles (Series2 requires custom programming and harness for factory Aux input).

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Whats in the Kit?

Included in the kit is:

  1. Video Interface Board
  2. Android Processor Board
  3. Apple Carplay Android Auto Dongle
  4. Plug and Play wiring Looms
  5. Picture Installation guide

Frequently asked questions

All wiring is 100% plug and play, no soldering is required. Requires pulling our factory mylink radio to install kit.

The kit plugs into the factory screen and radio box so it can display video on screen.

For apple carplay users, Audio is played using your smartphones bluetooth connection to the Mylink, this makes the kit suitable for Series1 and Series2 VFs.
For android auto users, Audio is played using a AUX connection from the kit to the Mylink

Only VF Series1 vehicles have an AUX connection available from factory, this can be also custom programmed into series2 but requires sending in your mylink for programming.

For more information, send us a message!

Free and Express to Australia!

Postage available to USA,England and New Zealand.

Bluetooth audio allows the kit to work in both series1 and series2 VF vehicles for iphone/apple devices.

The factory mylink must have bluetooth audio selected as its media sound, and thus allows all sounds from the interface to play through the car.

*Note, bluetooth connection does not work for all ANDROID devices which is why we indicate AUX for android is required.

Not all Android devices support playing audio via bluetooth when connected via Android Auto. This is due to a combination of AndroidAuto application version, Android phone firmware/operating system version and phone settings.

To ensure audio plays through the car with an Android device, an AUX connection is required from the kit into the car.

Only VF Series 1 vehicles have an Aux connection from factory. VF Series 2 vehicles can have Aux enabled through custom programming which requires sending the radio in.

We have tested iphones including Iphone X, 8, 7 and 6’s.

For android, we have tested Samsung S9 and Huawei Mate Pro20.

We have not tested EVERY android phone, so cannot confirm that all phones are compatible and only recommend well known brands such like samsung for best chances.

We do not use kits provided by other companies, nor have used other companies kits thus cannot comment if they are using identical parts.

Although we are one of the first to provide proper plug and play support and happily provide live demonstrations and answer any questions.

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