Holden VE Series 2 IQ Apple Carplay / Android Auto
Integrated. Modern. Clean.

The apple carplay / android auto kit  turns any VE Series 2 into a modern entertainment system. Complete with up to date navigation, music streaming from your favourite apps, on screen calls and so much more…


Just some of the benefits include:

  • Full control of your iPhone/Android via your FACTORY touch screen
  • Use apps like Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, phone and others
  • No soldering required, 100% plug and play using our modules and supplied harnesses (*Only when touchscreen module is installed by us)

Just some of the features include:
  • Apple Carplay connection via USB or Wireless
  • Android Auto connection via USB only
  • Navigation via Google Maps, Waze etc
  • High Definition Quality
  • Full touchscreen integration
  • Music Streaming via Spotify etc 
  • Messages and Phone calls on screen

apple Compatible

Apple Carplay enabled to allow all your necessary phone uses up on screen.

usb Music and video media

Play videos, movies and music from a USB device.

Factory Integrated Feel

If your looking for a factory look and feel, then this is exactly what your after. All factory radio capabilities are maintained but with our new carplay/android auto ability.

Android Compatible

Works with modern Android mobiles compatible with Android Auto! (See Android to check if your phone is compatible).

Factory Touchscreen

Completely integrated into your factory Series 2 radio so that you can navigate and use with the factory touchscreen.


Never get lost again by using your phones up to date Apple/Google maps!

Want to see a Demo?

Demonstration was Performed on a Holden VE SS which demonstrated apple carplay capabilities.

Just some of the features shown include:

  • Factory Touchscreen
  • Spotify Music
  • Navigation
  • Phone
  • Messages

Plug and Play

Made to be as simple as possible! Only a few connections required!

Apple Support

Supports modern Apple smartphones including iPhone 12,11,X,8,7 and 6


Supports modern Android smartphones including S10,S9 Huawei Mate Pro

Our clients say

"Why didn't Holden have this from the start? I did not want to get an aftermarket radio so this gives me exactly what I wanted.
"Never used apple carplay before, but now I use it everyday! Love having my waze up on screen and using siri handsfree."
Distr Customer
"Answered all my questions thoroughly about how the kit worked, and how to get it installed. The exchange face plates made it easy for my local auto-electrician to swap over and fit the rest of the kit."
Distr Customer
"Keep up the good work guys! Great upgrade for the calais!"
Distr Customer

How can I get this Installed?

There are TWO kits available for install:

Plug and Play Kit

Carplay/Android Auto made Easy!
$ 795
  • Apple Carplay/Android Auto module
  • Touchscreen Switch Module
  • Touch Switcher Installation Included
  • No soldering, Completely Plug and Play!
  • Plug and Play Video Harness
  • Plug and Play Power Harness

The Plug and Play kit includes us installing the touchscreen switcher module to your factory series2 IQ face plate, the rest of the kit is plug and play (No soldering required)!
For plug and play kit, please view this guide: Click HERE for PDF guide!

DIY Kit (Advanced Install)

Recommended for Advanced DIY Installers
$ 695
  • Apple Carplay/Android Auto Module
  • Touchscreen Switch Module
  • Requires self install of Touch Switcher Module
  • Requires Soldering
  • Requires Soldering Video Harness
  • Requires Soldering Power Harness

The DIY Kit (Advanced Installers Only!) is quite complex, requiring you to install the touchscreen switcher module to your factory series2 IQ face plate, this involves disassembling the face, soldering to a PCB circuit board and running delicate ribbons.
For DIY kit, please view this guide: Click HERE for PDF DIY guide

Kit Options and Important Information (Must Read!)

  • Must have Series 2 VE IQ system Installed
  • Must not have Roof Mount DVD system installed, If installed contact for further information.

This module is fitted to the rear of the Radio Facia/Screen. We have a few different options below in order to install this.

    This requires you to install the touchscreen switcher module. This requires disassembling your factory radio face plate/screen and soldering to the PCB circuit board and also running delicate ribbons. This is a very advanced install and is not recommended for anyone that does not have experience with electronics.
  • Plug and Play kit. You can either supply us with your current or a replacement radio facia of same type to have it fitted so we can send it back with the upgrade kit (No extra charge for this option!)

These options are available in the drop down selections below, Do Not select a different style facia from your current facia design as it will not fit your vehicle.

Included in the price of the kit is for the headunit to be programmed, The head unit requires programming to accept the module to work with the head unit to display the picture on the screen.

You must send your Head unit box in when you send your facia in to be programmed at the same time for plug and play kits.

  • 12 months of replacement warranty.

Whats in the Kit?

Included in the kit is:

  1. Carplay/Android Auto Interface Box
  2. Touchscreen Switching Module *Fitted by us or DIY if using DIY kit.
  3. Plug and Play wiring Looms
  4. RCA Cables, USB, Microphone etc
  5. Programming of radio to accept the new upgrade
  6. Picture Installation guide via email
*Displayed below is plug and play kit
DIY kit does not include all plug and play parts.

Frequently asked questions

This is an addon kit for a factory series2 radio.

The kit adds the carplay/android auto capability to the factory radio by using the unused RSE video/audio inputs on the radio.

Your steering wheel controls for skipping songs while using the carplay/android auto system does not work. We are working on an addon solution for this but do not have any ETA on its arrival. Your steering controls for skipping still work for all other parts of the radio including bluetooth and AM/FM radio, only the new carplay/android auto does not work with them.

Your steering wheel controls for volume still work correctly on carplay/android auto screen.

There are two kits that can be selected:
1) The plug and play kit which includes us performing the touchscreen switcher module installation onto your face plate or one supplied by us. After this has been done, the rest of the kit is completely plug and play.

2) The DIY kit which requires you to install the touchscreen switcher module install onto your own faceplate. This is extremely advanced install, requiring disassembling your radio faceplate, soldering to the circuit board and running delicate ribbon cables. DIY kits are not recommended for self installation and should be completed by a competent auto electrician.

For more information, send us a message!

The kit connects to the radios factory RSE video input, which is a composite (old school dvd player) video connection. This means the displayed video will not be like a modern day mobile device with high resolution.

You can get some grainy affect on the main home screen before selecting carplay/android auto, but image does look good once carplay/android auto has been loaded.

If you expect perfection, this kit is not for you.

The kit connects to the factory RSE audio inputs which are equivalent to an AUX cord audio sound.

Holden VE’s are renown for having a bit of audio whine (especially in amplified cars) so you WILL get some audio whine/noise with the audio up. When playing music, you do not notice it much.

For fussy individuals, this kit is not for you.

Yes your aircon still works and so does all other factory radio capabilities.

You cannot see what your aircon is set to when in the carplay/android auto screen. You can easily see your aircon though by tapping the TUNE button, pressing the screen to minimise carplay and then view/change your aircon as desired. Finally press the screen again to maximise carplay/android auto and press TUNE button again to engage the touch capability.

If you have a factory reverse camera, the carplay screen will ‘minimise’ when you put the vehicle into reverse and then back into drive. To bring it back to fullscreen, the user will need to press the TUNE button, tap the screen to maximise the caprlay/android auto screen and then TUNE button again to engage to carplay touch control.

The factory RSE programming in the radios (Which is the video input that our kits use) is what causes the carplay screen to minimise when putting the vehicle into reverse. For customers with factory reverse camera, we recommend plugging your phone in, reversing out of your parking spot and then maximising the carplay/android auto screen and finally tapping the tune button, this process takes only a couple seconds to do.

Next, just like ANY electronic device, occasionally you may need to ignition on/off to cycle the carplay/android auto box to get it to display. After using the kit for over a year, we have only need to do this a handful of times, its simply due to the car forgetting to power up the carplay/android box from the DOC power supply.



Holden VE Series 2 IQ Apple Carplay / Android Auto


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for Holden Series 2 or IQ Converted Series 1 VE Commodore Models
This kit provides seamless integration of Apple Carplay / Android Auto into a factory Holden VE Series 2 IQ Radio system, allowing the latest carplay and android auto capabilities using the factory touchscreen and audio system.

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