Holden VE Series 2 HSV Enhanced Driver Interface

What is the Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI)?

The HSV Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI) allows displaying live data from the vehicle on the factory Holden VE series 2 IQ head unit screen.

This incredible technology brings your screen to life, display all sorts of amazing live information, ranging from engine data through to body sensors including G-forces!

Some of the features and abilities of the EDI kit include:

  • HSV Build Screen Including Logo and Build number
  • RPM, Gear, acceleration, braking and shift light screen
  • G-Forces (Front, back and both sides)
  • Steering – Under and Over Steer
  • Stability Control – ABS and Slip
  • Magnetic Ride Control (If fitted)
  • Dual Gauges Screen (Torque, power, oil temperature, trans temperature and more)
  • Bi-Modal (If fitted)
  • Fuel Usage Graph
  • Australian Tracks including timer

Want to see a demo? Sure!
Checkout the video below!

Live demonstration of a VE HSV Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI) in our Holden VE SS!

Which Vehicles are Supported?

All Holden VE Series 2 Commodores and all Holden VE HSV Series 2/E3 vehicles which includes:

  • VE HSV E3 Series 2 Vehicles (Plug and Play) 
  • WM HSV Series 2Grange (Plug and Play)
  • VE Series 2 SS
  • VE Series 2 SSV
  • VE Series 2 SV6
  • VE Series 2 Calais
  • VE Series 2 Berlina

Note: Can also be fitted to Series 1 to Series 2 headunit conversion vehicles, some gauges may not function. Also, some gauges may not work for Series 2 V6 vehicles.

Pricing and Options

Holden VE HSV E3 Series 2 Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI)


or 4 fortnightly payments of $247.50 with  Afterpay More info

The VE HSV Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI) displays live vehicle information through interactive gauges on the factory headunit. This kit can be fitted to any Series 2 HSV or Series 2 VE Holden commodore.

Included in this kit:

  • Custom programmed HSV Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI)
  • Wiring Loom (For Non-HSV vehicles)
  • Installation Guide

Vehicle information required for successful programming includes VIN, build screen logo and build number to be displayed.



How to Install?

All kits include a picture installation guide.

For all Series 2 HSV vehicles, the Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI) is a plug and play upgrade.

For all non-HSV vehicles, the EDI kit requires the series 2 IQ headunit to be programmed and a custom wiring harness fitted (*Optional plug and play) for power and communciation.


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